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A Post About A Post

While seeing the final product of any design project is essential, I strongly believe that process work and thinking is just as important. In light of that, I am attempting to begin a blog! I tried this blogging thing once before during my time studying abroad, which didn't pan out too well. However, that was a something I wrote for other people's enjoyment, and this one is for me. 

For my first post I want to talk about something I am proud of. One of my professors at Endicott College, Danielle Currier, is co-author of the book and portfolio guide No Plastic Sleeves. She taught my portfolio class this past semester, which entailed creating a personal brand identity and everything that goes along with it. By the end of the semester I had designed and produced a cohesive portfolio book, a refreshed website (here you are!), a well-designed resum√©, inviting business cards, and some fun promotional post cards. My professor was evidently happy with my work, as she wrote a post featuring it on the blog of No Plastic Sleeves! Check out her discussion of my work right here

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, feedback and comments are always welcome. Vi ses! ("See ya!" in Danish).