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Pakt Bags: By Malcolm and The Minimalists


The Pakt One was, at it’s core, a re-design of Malcolm Fontier’s limited-run launch of The Getaway, a duffel-suitcase hybrid, in 2011. Now? It’s a fan favorite. The bag gained serious admirers - including Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists - and was featured in the “Minimalism” documentary on Netflix. The bag launched on IndieGoGo in November of 2017, and hit their fundraising goal in mere hours. To-date, Pakt has raised over $2 million on IndieGoGo.

Sprout was tasked with almost all creative endeavors regarding the re-design and re-launch - from the naming and branding, to the packaging, digital presence, and content creation. I was lucky enough to have my hands, and lead, in all of the above projects.

View Indie GoGo campaign here.

Agency: Sprout Studios
Photography: Pakt
Roles: Strategy, Creative Direction, Branding, Illustration, Print, Packaging, Web Design

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