Emily Mulvey Design
Designer, illustrator, and nacho enthusiast.
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Senior Thesis: Crafting A Change

Senior Thesis II. Spring 2016.

In Senior Thesis I, I researched and wrote a (very, very long) paper on a general design topic. I chose to focus on activism through design and the concept of using design to create positive change. As designers, we have the ability to change the world with our work. Design affects our daily lives and it is our duty to use that power for good. We are messengers - the work that we create should reflect what we want to tell people, and this thesis project is exactly that. 

As something I would be working on for 5 months, I also wanted my thesis to be something fun and interesting. This project is a fusion of two things near and dear to my heart - beer and the environment. My goal was to raise awareness and incite action regarding sustainability in the brewing industry. 

Using the research from Thesis I and II, I created a 40+ page "How-To" guidebook for brewing sustainably, as well as a website and all related collateral. The final submission was an 11" x 17" book  including all process work and final designs. 

Click here to view the entire final project + my process work.